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Join the teacher you know and love at Heldeberg Music Together for our newest program, Music Together® Online. Your whole family will have a blast singing, dancing, and jamming along to Maracas songs during 2 20/25-minute weekly pre-recorded online/interactive classes plus extra shorter videos including parent education and musical crafts and activities. And your family resources, including digital recordings, our award-winning Hello Everybody app, a hard-copy songbook, and bonus activities, will have you making music whenever the mood strikes.  No need to worry about being late or fighting with your child about food during class.  You get to enjoy these shorter videos at your own convenience.  Classes start April 15th.

Mar 18, 2020
Health Update

Hello everybody!  This are difficult times as we try to navigate this current global situation.  It's so important to try to stay connected and help our children get through this.  One of the best ways to do that is with regular routine.  To that end, I have started recording Music Together videos which are posted to YouTube with a private link for currently registered families.  Soon, I will also post public music videos.  Classes are currently on hold, but Music Together is working hard to figure out how to best serve our communities at this time and provide the best experience we can for you and your families.  Classes will resume as usual once this crisis has been resolved.  Credits and unlimited makeups may be offered depending on when the new semester starts and how long it runs.  Please stay tuned.  I guarantee that no one will be sorry they signed up for spring.  I will be as flexible as possible.  Meanwhile, keep singing and dancing!

Jan 07, 2020
Free Demo

It's so much fun singing, dancing and playing with your family!  

Try out a free demonstration class.  It's easy to sign up.


Jun 18, 2018
Babies in Music Class

No baby is too young to start enjoying music with the family.  Music Together has even out together a Parent Guide specifically for parents with babies.  Many babies start at birth.