It's 2016 already, and the new Winter semester is in full swing.  I love this collection of music and feel so lucky to be able to do this important work with all of you.  Already I'm seeing shy children starting to open up, babies cooing in the same tonality that we're singing in, and older children taking leadership roles in modeling for the younger ones.  I truly love my job.  One of the things I love the most is seeing how the veteran families model so well for the younger folks who are always a little reluctant until they realize that we are all in this together with all of our reservations about singing in a group or our worries that we don't sing well enough.  Any singing that you do is always enough, regardless of any discomfort you might feel.  This is all about modeling for the children.  It is not anyone's job to teach them, just to enjoy ourselves and model that enjoyment.  Thanks for sharing your children and yourselves with me this winter.