Every semester I talk about how important it is to sing lullabies.  I finally found a great article that tells some of the benefits of lullabies.  And here is another one:  http://thelovingnest.com/on-the-importance-and-benefits-of-singing-lullabies/

      I was lucky enough to grow up in a family where music was a part of our every day life.  We sang in the car, every night after dinner and my siblings and I were always sung lullabies before going to sleep.  I can't remember a time when there was not music.  My father came from a musical family and had a great singing voice.  He taught me rounds, descants and harmonies before I was 4 years old.  My mother never sang a note in key her whole life, but I loved it when she sang.  She didn't know many songs but made up her own words to existing songs.  I can still hear her singing, "Rock a baby, rock a bye; Rock a baby, bye and bye" to the tune of Rock of Ages.  That is one of my most heartwarming memories from my childhood.  I hope you enjoy both articles, and please sing to your child or children every night.